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Press conference and ski tests

The Swedish team held a press conference on Wednesday. Both coach Rikard Grip and the hope Stina Nilsson were positive.
Photo: Olov Bylund

Onsdag 10 feb 2016, kl 18

Today was the day before race day, press conference with the Swedish national team and plenty of skiers and servicemen on the tracks.

After last night’s work with completing the course, it was time for the teams to try out both course and skis.

But before that, the Swedish team had a press conference with coach Rikard Grip and current sprint world cup leader Stina Nilsson.

Grip was hopefull for tomorrow and the young Swedish skiers, and Nilsson was looking for revenge after the disqualification in Drammen.

But when Nilsson got out on the track, something looked wrong. She had a pair of old wooden skis under her feet!?

Perhaps a new tactic to psyche out her opponents? No, it was because of a film recording that will be shown later in Swedish television.

The afternoon contained two intense hours for skiers and servicemen, going back and forth and around the castle, doing everything they can to get to know the course and skis for tomorrow’s race, which starts at 12.15.

Uppdaterad onsdag 10 feb 2016, kl 19
av Ulf Rask

Fler bilder

The line of skis was long, as the teams tested skis for tomorrow’s Royal Palace Sprint.
Photo: Olov Bylund

Stina Nilsson is the most promising name as the race around Stockholm’s Royal Palace is about to be settled. When the training began she got a new challenge, skiing on a pair of old wooden skis!
Photo: Olov Bylund